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Saturday, February 16, 2008

New River Rendezvous

I know, it is a little early to be thinking about the New River Rendezvous, but this year they are doing things differently.  This year people will need to pre-register and pay $25 fee.  They are opening registration on March 1st, and will allow the first 700 people to attend.  I'm going to buy a ticket this year and try my hardest to make it!  This event is one of the best climbing gatherings in the country, so don't wait around to buy your ticket.  I look forward to hanging out with all of my friends on the east side of the country.  See ya'll in May!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jack the Ripper

I dug up some video of Tim and I at the Richland Boulder climbing "Jack the Ripper" (evidence of the name is why my hands are all taped up in the video).  This area was one of the last places that I was able to help develop before leaving Athens.  It turned out to have some great lines.  Tim and I unearthed a truckload of topsoil to make the top of the boulder climbable.  The top-outs proved to be exciting, gripping, and with just enough holds to be "doable".  Tim grabbed the first ascent after figuring out some good top-out beta; and the video is of me getting the 2nd ascent (10/10/06).   Tim and I graded the problem "V7ish", but I would be interested to hear if anyone else has sent the problem since, and how hard they thought it was.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Back on Blogger: Best in Show 2007

I've decided to revive my blogger account, in an attempt to show more pictures in a cleaner looking environment (no ads and b.s.).  I recently purchased a 12 megapixel camera and hope to update this site regularly, but for now you can enjoy some great photography taken in 2007.

                        "Super Crack" - Feb/2007 - Indian Creek

          Trevor and I on "Fine Jade" - Feb/2007 - Castleton Valley

Joe was able to score this amazing yurt from a co-worker - March/2007 - Castleton Valley

          Stinson Beach - Aug/2007 - San Francisco Bay Area

                           Bugaboo Spire - Aug/2007 - Bugaboos

  View from the 4th pitch on "Sunshine" - Aug/2007 - Bugaboos

Joe and I spying a line, "XTC" crack, check out the next pic - Aug/2007 - Squamish

                                   "XTC" crack, 5.11c - Squamish

Joe won Ro Shampo for the lead, good thing he onsighted - "XTC"

A good view of the Split Pillar, Swords, and Perry's Lieback on the Chief -Aug/2007- Squamish

Trevor leading the 7th pitch of "Grand Wall Lite" up the Chief - Aug/2007 - Squamish