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Monday, February 4, 2008

Back on Blogger: Best in Show 2007

I've decided to revive my blogger account, in an attempt to show more pictures in a cleaner looking environment (no ads and b.s.).  I recently purchased a 12 megapixel camera and hope to update this site regularly, but for now you can enjoy some great photography taken in 2007.

                        "Super Crack" - Feb/2007 - Indian Creek

          Trevor and I on "Fine Jade" - Feb/2007 - Castleton Valley

Joe was able to score this amazing yurt from a co-worker - March/2007 - Castleton Valley

          Stinson Beach - Aug/2007 - San Francisco Bay Area

                           Bugaboo Spire - Aug/2007 - Bugaboos

  View from the 4th pitch on "Sunshine" - Aug/2007 - Bugaboos

Joe and I spying a line, "XTC" crack, check out the next pic - Aug/2007 - Squamish

                                   "XTC" crack, 5.11c - Squamish

Joe won Ro Shampo for the lead, good thing he onsighted - "XTC"

A good view of the Split Pillar, Swords, and Perry's Lieback on the Chief -Aug/2007- Squamish

Trevor leading the 7th pitch of "Grand Wall Lite" up the Chief - Aug/2007 - Squamish