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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jack the Ripper

I dug up some video of Tim and I at the Richland Boulder climbing "Jack the Ripper" (evidence of the name is why my hands are all taped up in the video).  This area was one of the last places that I was able to help develop before leaving Athens.  It turned out to have some great lines.  Tim and I unearthed a truckload of topsoil to make the top of the boulder climbable.  The top-outs proved to be exciting, gripping, and with just enough holds to be "doable".  Tim grabbed the first ascent after figuring out some good top-out beta; and the video is of me getting the 2nd ascent (10/10/06).   Tim and I graded the problem "V7ish", but I would be interested to hear if anyone else has sent the problem since, and how hard they thought it was.


Tim said...

I see your Jack the Ripper video(which I enjoyed) and raise you one Athens Slide Show.