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Saturday, February 16, 2008

New River Rendezvous

I know, it is a little early to be thinking about the New River Rendezvous, but this year they are doing things differently.  This year people will need to pre-register and pay $25 fee.  They are opening registration on March 1st, and will allow the first 700 people to attend.  I'm going to buy a ticket this year and try my hardest to make it!  This event is one of the best climbing gatherings in the country, so don't wait around to buy your ticket.  I look forward to hanging out with all of my friends on the east side of the country.  See ya'll in May!


Tim said...

Signed up yesterday son!

Levitator said...

I bought my ticket at 12:03 am Utah time (I just happened to have my computer on). Now all I need to do, is get there!

Tim said...


check that thread!