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Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Double Feature

I managed to escape the dreary weather of Logan for a few days and visit the southeastern portion of Utah.  This part of Utah has eluded me until now, and I was excited to explore Zion National Park and the climbing areas of St. George.  We had perfect weather, with temps ranging from the upper 60s to mid 70s.  We (Travis, Andy, Alison, Alice, and myself) headed to St. George on Sunday (9th) and spent most of the day driving (6 hrs.).  On Monday we tried to get into Crawdad Canyon, but it was closed, so we checked out an area called Black Rocks (Basaltic Rock).  The area and climbs are pretty small, with the majority of the climbs in the 5.9-5.11 range and between 30-50 ft. in length.  The highlight of the day was climbing this awesome route called "Slap Happy" (mid 5.12ish).  It started out with a 16ft. boulder problem and then ended on jugs, perfect.  On tuesday Andy, Travis and I checked out Moe's Valley, a bouldering area on the western edge of St. George.  The area offered plenty of problems to keep us busy, and shredded our gym rat calluses in no time.  By Wednesday we needed to take a break from climbing, so we drove north and headed to Zion.  Alison insisted we do a short but steep hike up to Angel's Landing (2.2 miles with 1,600 feet of elevation gain).  The hike was pretty "touristy" but well worth it (evidence from the pictures below).

             St. George - Black Rocks - "Slap Happy" 

                          Moe's Valley, St. George

"Rat Pack Boulder"

                    "Duality V5"

               Andy on a dyno we made up

            Andy on an unnamed problem

               Zion - The hike up to Angels Landing
           Proceed with caution?

The trail wasn't that dangerous, but you have to post signs for "tourons"

                Views from the top of Angels Landing

Monday, March 3, 2008

Current Conditions

Still waiting for spring to emerge in Northern Utah.  We got a little taste last week when it got up to 43 degrees, but there is still a lot of snow on the ground and in the mountains.  Logan could easily get snow storms well into April.  When all else fails in the north, head south, and that is exactly what I'm going to do.  Spring break at USU is right around the corner and a trip to St. George is already in the works.  Joe, Trevor, Pat, and I are also trying to get a trip to the Moab region going at the mid/end of March as well.   I took some pictures around the USU campus to give you an idea of what Northern Utah can look like in March.

           Still plenty of snow on the ground after a warmer week

                    A shot of Logan Canyon in the distance

             Where I work on campus - Natural Resources Building

It would've been a great sunset if the clouds opened up (Wellsville Mtns. in the distance)