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Monday, June 30, 2008

Climbing Magazine, Justin Roth Visits Athen, Ohio

After years of unearthing sandy pebbles in Athens, Ohio, our small climbing community received a little recognition.  For those of you who weren't mentioned, but definitely helped in pioneering the bouldering movement: Drew (last name draws a blank?), Matt White, Luke Swan, Eric Arvai, and Tim Rice, thanks for all of your hard work.  Check out the link below for the Athens Bouldering "Climbing Exclusive."


If you scroll to my February archives, 2nd posting, is a video of me grabbing the 2nd ascent of Jack the Ripper, which is the first picture on Justin's blog.  The "Richland Boulder" was the last jewel I found (along with Tim Rice), unearthed, and cleaned before leaving Athens.  Recently, I heard it was under access issues.  To bad, hopefully that gets sorted out.