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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Downhill Bikes on Keystone Mtn.

This weekend, friends from work (Kris & Lisa) talked me into renting downhill mountain bikes at Keystone Mtn Resort (Dercum Mtn. 11,640 ft. elev.), an area just north of Breckenridge.   With a vertical rise of 2,307 ft.,  the Keystone Bike Park consists of some of Colorado's best downhill trails, with progressive terrain for riders of all abilities.  The park has everything from challenging rock gardens, huge drops, berms, bridges, jumps, and high-speed features.  I have always loved mountain biking, but this style of riding is better than anything I have ever tried.  I rented a Trek Session 7, with 6 inches of travel in the front and 7 inches of travel in the rear.  It was heavier than anything I was used to, and soaked up all of my mistakes.  I haven't really been riding that much in the last 3 years, and was really stoked to hit all of the tables in the skills park (check out the video ).   I'm hooked, and I will be thinking about riding until I get my next fix.

Summit Express Lifts

Kris And Lisa on Top of Dercum Mtn.

Bridge lead-in to the corkscrew

Kris on the corkscrew



Burkinator said...

Where you been?? I've been loving on DH/FR sickness for going on three years now!! Gotta watch out though....it gives arguably the best adrenaline fix for the time spent....your rack might start to form cobwebs like mine :(

Levitator said...

I hear ya, I'm hooked!! I can't wait to get back to the bike park. Once I get a real DH/FR bike we can talk about trips to Whistler. I think the Azonic DS-1 is going to get a tune up when I get back home.