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Friday, July 25, 2008

Shelf Climbing Area

During Courtney's past visit we went to Shelf Rd. and Turkey Rocks.  I was proud to see her lead her first 5.7 at Turkey, "Honkey Jam."  I worked out the moves of a 5.12R on toprope, and will be excited to lead it once a get a "heavier" belayer (Courtney is a bit light, and I need a good anchor to keep me from decking).  Posted below the Shelf Rd. pictures are some pics leading Spectre on gear.  Spectre is an amazing 5.11 9 bolt sport route, at the New River Gorge, that I always wanted to lead on gear.  I only clipped the 2nd bolt, b/c I didn't feel comfortable with the rock quality on the bottom portion of the route.  I was waiting for Randy to send me some pictures from Agent Orange and I was going to post them all at once, but Randy still hasn't gotten me the photos.

Shelf - View from the "Dark Side" 

Courtney sporting her new helmet



Courtney said...

Levi, that was a 5.8 I onsighted! Come on, Rose!

Great pics by the way!

Burkinator said...

I whipped my ass off that thing!! End of the day pump!!