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Friday, August 29, 2008

Back Home

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit my good friend Patrick Meyer in Steamboat Springs.  I was excited to see his newly acquired guiding service, Rocky Mountain Ventures.  It is inspiring to see your friends take pursuit of their aspirations.  My stay at Steamboat was brief, but Pat gave me a small tour of the local climbing and it was good.  I missed a golden opportunity to take pictures at the "Seed House" crag (I think that was the name) by leaving my camera at Pat's house (damn it!)  If you are ever in Steamboat Springs, and are looking for adventure, give Pat Myers a call.  The blog posting has been slow because I haven't taken pictures of anything note worthy, but this weekend should be different.  

Chasing Rainbows

Rainbow upper-mid left

Sun Rays hitting Pike's Peak

Ute Valley Bouldering