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Sunday, August 10, 2008

From Boise to Blueridge

Lately, I've been traveling a lot.  On the first leg of my field stint, I was working on a project based out of Boise, Idaho.  We have a contract with the USDA and are acquiring imagery northeast of Boise near the Sawtooth Range. Boise is pretty much a desert, but we were working out of this gorgeous little mountain airport in McCall about 1.5 hours drive NE of Boise.  I had a few days to explore, and found some decent climbing about an hour SE of Boise in an area called Reynolds Creek.  During my first trip to Reynolds Creek, I discovered this crazy looking grasshopper/cicada with a large stinger/horn protruding from its thorax.  There were 100s dead found in the vicinity.  It looked like one of the swarms that you see on the Discovery channel.  Then I got a phone call to help wrap up a project in Virginia.  So our crew made a marathon flight from Boise to Richmond the next day.  Flying at night in your own airplane is pretty cool.  We were able to watch the vivid display of a thunderstorm about 100 miles away while approaching Richmond.  Recently, I've been exploring the Peaks of Otter area about an hour north of Lynchburg.  It is mostly hiking, but there is a ton of climbing that could be developed.  After Virginia, it is off to Dayton for some airplane maintenance, and then off to Wyoming to start a new project.  This is the life of a professional gypsy! 

McCall Airport

Check out the thorax!

Virginia Coastline

Cascade Falls

Bouldering @ McAfee's Knob