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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Campo Quattro y Mas

Yosemite Valley........ a place where breath taking views lurk around every corner.  There is so much to do and see; literally a lifetime of adventures await.  During my 3 week stay in the valley, I was amazed by the intense energy that radiated from the heart beat of climbing, Camp 4.  Camp 4 is like the melting pot of NY.  People travel from all over the world to climb, slack-line, hike, and sight-see.  For me, meeting new people was the highlight of my trip.  People like Mash from Costa Rica, Maria and "Nacho" from Argentina, Nick and Gareth from Australia, Shauna Potocky from Santa Cruz (basically a local), and Sabastian from Switzerland.  The day-to-day life was great.  Every morning was spent making a fantastic breakfast and drinking at least two cups of coffee before doing anything.  My partners in crime on this trip were one of my best friends, Joe Stern, and his friend Sean (who soon became a good friend).  It became apparent to me that this trip wasn't just about climbing, but about renewing my spirit and soul with the positive energy that the atmosphere of Camp 4 provided.  So come next fall, (October) you can be sure to find me in Yosemite again!

Let the games begin!

Getting ready to hike up to Lost Arrow Spire

Tyrolean across Lost Arrow Spire

The "Good Book" Highlighted in red. 5 pitches, 600 ft., 5.10d

Pointing down to Camp 4 atop the 2nd pitch of Good Book

This is how you spend a rest day.  Polky's Pool hotspring outside Mammoth

Joe on-sighting "Leanie Meanie" 5.11b 

Sean entering the crux of "Gripper" 5.10b

Sending fuel and a work of art - Apple Cinnamon Pancake

Hot Sauki

Perching bobcat at Church Bowl Crag

Half Dome amidst a low-light sunset and rising moon (almost full)