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Thursday, November 13, 2008


In the quest for the ultimate road tripping vehicle, I stumbled across a company that specializes in carbon-fiber composites, a company named Ursa Minor.  The company is owned by like-minded people with a passion for travel and adventure.  Here is a little history of how the company started.  

"Once upon a time there was an ideal vehicle for the wanderer, and it wasn’t a tent or a massive RV. The classic VW Westfalia provided a compact design, perfect for the drive to work or a weekend at the lake. Pull in, pop the top and there was a home away from home, a base camp for swimming, surfing, hiking or biking.  For over 50 years, Volkswagen delivered, but like many products, the VW Westfalia gradually crept up in price and down in availability.  And then it was gone.  Our experience in camping started with a 1965 VW Micro, which after 43 states, 3 countries and 240,000 miles went off to a well deserved R&R (repair & restoration) in Tokyo, Japan of all places.  Afterwards, we voyaged on our small cruising sailboat, paddled kayaks in Baja, and generally looked for a decent replacement Westfalia Synchro.  When that proved unsuccessful, we started doodling on post-it notes until we finally found time to build our own solution!  Of course, like most projects, the first Honda Element camper took longer than needed, cost a little more than expected, but the end result was fantastic and was put to use immediately camping all over southern California and Baja.  From gas stations and grocery stores to remote beaches, more than a few people liked the idea.  It turns out it's hard to camp when people are constantly asking "where the heck did you get that pop up?"

After my new discovery I was on the quest for an Element, and as of last week I'm the new owner of a 2004 Honda Element.  

My new ride

I hope to add the ECamper conversion this coming spring

I thought I would throw in a picture of my other Honda, 2006 919


Scott Gross said...

What?! That's sick!
Obviously smart decisions on your part. You gotta make a trip back down south when you get that pop-up. Soooo sick! I got a "bike" too did you see? I doubt you could keep up.
Take care Levi and stay in touch.


Tim said...

Hey, do you think you could pick the kids up after soccer today, hun.


No Really, it looks like a sweet climbing ride!

Levi Rose said...

Scott - I did see your Ruckus. I've heard some great stories of people jumping those things! I think I'll be making my yearly trip down south in late December. I'll look you up and hopefully we can shred some skin together!

Levi Rose said...

Tim, I hope to have it setup for next years Rendezvous!