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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shauna's Basecamp

Over Thanksgiving break I helped Shauna move into her new house in YoWest.  YoWest is a little community located about 15 - 20 mins south of Yosemite Valley.  Some of you may have heard of her landlord, famed speed climber Hans Florine.  The 3-story house is situated in a beautiful location, close to: skiing (Badger Mtn.), climbing (the Rostrum is 8 miles away!), super-secret bouldering, and lets not forget the valley.  It was great to spend Thanksgiving with Shauna in her new house.  I will have to say, it was pretty funny waking up Thanksgiving morning to get a phone call from Hans wishing us "Happy Thanksgiving" (He was actually calling for Shauna, but in her absence I took this one).

We caught this beautiful sunset on a drive up to the house


Shauna said...

Magic, pure magic. Thanks for the kind words, great photos and so sweet to have you there. : )