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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trevor in Peru

I've been meaning to post these awesome pictures that were taken while Trevor was in Peru this past August.  He flew into Lima with three other friends, and spent most of his time climbing peaks within the Cordillera Blanca, then circumnavigating the Cordillera Blanca via Bike. The Cordillera Blanca (Spanish for "White Range") is a mountain range in the Ancash Region of Peru. It is part of the larger Andes range and includes thirty three major peaks over 5,500 metres (18,040 ft) tall in an area 21 kilometres (13 mi) wide and 180 kilometres (112 mi) long.  A pretty amazing trip, and the pictures certainly reflect the beauty. Enjoy!

Arriving in Lima with friend Mike

Hiking heavy loads near Laguna Paron

Laguna Paron

High Camp on Chopicalqui

High Camp 2 on Chopicalqui

Chopicalqui Peak (20,850 ft)

Descending Chopicalqui

Descending Chopicalqui

Looking at Artesonraju Peak (19,680 ft) in the background

My favorite, a small bathroom in Huarez


Tim said...

That crapper photo is hilarious.

Happy new year man!

Levitator said...

Yeah, I laughed uncontrollably the first time I saw it.

Happy New Year to you too! I heard about twins on the way, congratulations! 3 little shredders, it sounds like you will have your hands full soon.