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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Indian Creek

I returned from the east, only to find that the weather in Colorado was not cooperating.  When all else fails, head south.  Joe and I eagerly packed up my Element and headed for Indian Creek.  We decided to stop at Rifle along the way, and see what all the hype was about.  If you find your local crags don't have enough 5.13's or 5.14's, come to Rifle.  The canyon at Rifle was pretty narrow, and still had a fair amount of snow and ice.  Joe and I climbed one route, and then quickly continued to drive south.  
Ahhh, the southwestern desert of Utah, home to the sandstone crack climbing mecca, Indian Creek.  Frankly, I have been climbing a lot of sport routes lately and was anxious to see how IC would treat me.  I haven't climbed here in about a year-and-a-half, and was eager to get back on some old projects and to start some new ones.  The last time I climbed at Indian Creek, I really got turned on by offwidths, and was excited to get back on the "Serrator."  All week long people kept asking me "Do you have a camera? If so, I'll take some pics."  Below are the crags that we climbed at, and a few climbs I recommend if you are ever at Indian Creek.

Day 1 - Cat Wall: Fat Cat, Johnny Cat, and King Cat.  All these climbs are awesome if you have big hands like me.  Big handed gorillas should stay away from routes like the "Bachelor"

Day 2 - Way Rambo: Blue Sun, Rochambeau, Way Rambo, Serrator

Day 3 - Battle of the Bulge: Real Estate, Cave Route, Big Baby, Think Pink, Crack Attack

Still snowy and steep at Rifle

This photo opt never gets old, Bridger Jacks

The perfect Indian Creek Sunset

Our new friend, whose named turned out to be Joe, climbing past"Johnny Cat" into "Tasmania"

Joe (new Joe) working "Tasmania" 5.12+

Working through the low crux on "Serrator" 5.11-

 Placing a ship anchor, BD #6 on "Serrator"

Who ever said offwidths were fun.....enjoyed pain and suffering.  My left arm showing the road rash after climbing "Serrator" and "Big Baby"

This is what can happen if you get your leg cammed in a crack with a rope.  This ended my onsight attempt of "Big Baby." 

Joe Stern working "Way Rambo" 5.12-

Catching a sunset from the Way Rambo climbing area

Joe Stern taping up for the "Cave Route" 5.10+

The beautiful granite of Turkey Rocks.  Joe rounding the last roof on "Whimsical" 5.11

Monday, March 9, 2009

Red River Gorgeous

This past weekend was the official opening of Miguel's, which kicked off the beginning to a great spring season in the Red River Gorge.  With good weather being forecasted, the masses poured in Friday night, and by Saturday morning a Miguel's tent village was born.  My good friends, Dan and Adam, met me there, and we were also welcomed by a crew from West Virginia: Ryan, David, Taylor, and Steve.  I was really surprised by how well everyone was climbing this early in the season.  It was great to be surrounded by good friends and good energy.  Oh yeah, and I couldn't forget to add we ran into Lynn Hill, two days in a row.  I know, I may sound a little teen-bop, but it is awesome to meet people who you look up to.  We even got asked to help push her truck out of the mud.  

Miguel's is open for business!

Lynn Hill going over the beta on "Mosaic" 5.12 c/d

Ryan on the opening moves of "All that Glitters" 5.12c

Taylor working "Break the Scene" 5.12 a/b

Monday, March 2, 2009

Aerial Views

In the past, I have posted pictures taken from the air with my personal camera, but for this post I thought I would show you what kind of imagery I acquire for work.  Below are the actual photos acquired by our DMC (Digital Mapping Camera) flying at an altitude of 9,200 ft. AGL (Above Ground Level) over the Virginia Beach, VA area.  The images are shown in "false color," that is, instead of viewing a RBG (Red, Blue, Green) composite, the green band has been replaced with the near infrared band, which makes the vegetation appear "red."  I also posted a few pictures of some of the airplanes we fly in.