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Monday, March 9, 2009

Red River Gorgeous

This past weekend was the official opening of Miguel's, which kicked off the beginning to a great spring season in the Red River Gorge.  With good weather being forecasted, the masses poured in Friday night, and by Saturday morning a Miguel's tent village was born.  My good friends, Dan and Adam, met me there, and we were also welcomed by a crew from West Virginia: Ryan, David, Taylor, and Steve.  I was really surprised by how well everyone was climbing this early in the season.  It was great to be surrounded by good friends and good energy.  Oh yeah, and I couldn't forget to add we ran into Lynn Hill, two days in a row.  I know, I may sound a little teen-bop, but it is awesome to meet people who you look up to.  We even got asked to help push her truck out of the mud.  

Miguel's is open for business!

Lynn Hill going over the beta on "Mosaic" 5.12 c/d

Ryan on the opening moves of "All that Glitters" 5.12c

Taylor working "Break the Scene" 5.12 a/b


Tim said...

So, how did the red treat you. Last time it left me with an epic story for my adventures. Hopes life's well and talk to ya soon.

Levitator said...

The Red was awesome. Every time I visit, I wish I had more overhanging endurance. Getting out to the PMRP or Muir Valley never disappoints. Dan and Adam are getting much better at leading sport. I hope to be out east for the month of May, if everything goes to plan.