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Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Moab

Needing to escape more bad weather in Colorado, the crew headed back down to the desert. We made it to Indian Creek for a day, and then climbed around Moab for 2 more days.  If you are ever around Moab, check out the Maverick Buttress, it kicks ass.

Maverick Buttress

Gorgeous view from Maverick

Storm approaching? time to bail

"Wallstreet" - low commitment climbing, deluxe belaying.  


Unknown said...

i know that van... how you boys doin these days?

Levi Rose said...

Very well, how are you? Joe is on a 3 month pro leisure tour, and I'm on my way to Chattanooga. I still haven't got Joe's pictures, I figure I will just send you what I have. You still at the same address?