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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Planting my roots

Last night I attended the Patagonia "Wild and Scenic" Environmental Film Festival. Fayetteville is the only stop in West Virginia, and it is also the only location to be entirely produced by High School students (The students had to review 100 trailers and select around 15 of them, and then create a program with which to view them).

Prior to the film, I was excited to get involved with the Plateau Action Network (PAN). Started in 1997 to create a voice against local issues, PAN is an all volunteer watershed group.Their focus is to promote responsible economic development while supporting sustainable environmental management. PAN played an integral part in working with the high school students, and were largely aided by Maura Kistler, (one of my new boss'). After watching the film, I felt like the puzzle pieces of my life were starting to come together. Right now I'm really excited to get involved with the local community, and to start planting my roots!