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Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 Pack Downhill Race Series

A few weeks ago we had our 2nd 6 Pack Downhill Race. Each month we pick a new trail or downhill to time trial. It is a great way to get the biking community together for some good ole fashion dirt shredding. The idea is simple - a 6 pack is the entry fee, winner takes all, and then we drink festive beverages after the race. During the last race I rigged my point and shoot camera to my helmet, and tried to catch some of the action. We had another stationary camera setup near a potential carnage spot, but luckily, nobody wrecked. Ideally I would like to get a real helmet camera setup, something like the GoPro Hero Wide. The camera has a 170 degree wide angle lens, built in image stabilization, and is designed for riding on trails. It would also be great to get more stationary points, and edit that video in, but I'll take what I can get.

Warning - watching this video may make you sick or cause your eyes to water (loosing image quality to Vimeo didn't help either) .... Enjoy!

I've retained my audio by using Vimeo.
Different GoPro Helmet Wide Setups


Anonymous said...

Is that thing in slow motion....lol. And where are all the jumps and drops?!!


check out sopbsadventures.blogspot.com

Levi Rose said...

ha ha. I need to load my video into my other editing software and increase the resolution. Our shop is going to be setting up a GoPro account soon!