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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friends and Family

Last weekend was filled with friends, family, and glorious sunshine. My brother and two cousins, Gene and Brian, rolled in Wednesday evening and I had a great time showing them around the gorge. Thursday evening, some good ole boys from college rolled in: Travis Frank, Ben Denlinger, Meghan McGuire, Marc Hueber, and Morgan Rich. Travis, Marc, and Morgan traveled in a RV, which occupied the yard for the rest of the weekend (absolutely classic). Then to top it off, Friday evening my parents showed up. I had quite a busy house! Friday, Marc and I raced in a local downhill event, of which I hosted the after party. It was great to see Marc on a bike again. Saturday was filled with 12 hours of drinking, a 12 person pontoon boat on Summersville Lake, and deep water soloing. Having friends and family visit was a great revival for my soul, and it feels great to be back on the east coast!
Sunset with my brother, out at Long Point, overlooking the bridge

Ben with man's best friend

Monkeys: Travis, Ben, and Marc

Deep water soloing at "Rats Hole"

Drinking and boating