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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super Sketchy Sloppy Seconds at Snowshoe

Friday morning, despite a rainy forecast, Adam and I headed up to Snowshoe Mountain Bike Park. Conditions were grim, fog, rain, and a rainy forecast all day. We got to the mountain and decided to test the trails, and the first adjective that came to mind "Super Sketchy Sloppy Seconds." ( For those who hang around me long enough will inevitably come across the alliteration that sometimes spews from my mouth, known as Levisms). After our first run we met a couple from Louisville (Matt and Tamara) that were stoked to be on the mountain. They were pretty much locals, and Tamara ended up being our "guide" for the rest of the day. We embraced the mud, sessioned some trails, and made some new friends along the way.

We managed to fit 3 bikes into the back of the Element

Adam and I getting ready to drop in.

Already covered in mud after the first run.

My goggles were useless after the 2nd run

The Dirt Bean in Marlington, an excellent place to catch some dinner on the way home.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cannondale Demos

During my shoulder rehabilitation I've been trying to cut out high impact sports and I have had the opportunity to test out some new demos from our local bike shop, Marathon Bikes. Over the last few weeks I have taken out the Synapse Carbon 5 (Roadbike) and the 2009 29'er. It was great to get back to something you love just as much as climbing or any other passion. I have also been able to put more time into the freeride park, which is slowly but steadily coming along. The last big hump we need to hurdle is installing a perimeter fence, but getting local city workers scheduled in is more difficult when your needs are low on the totem pole. After the fence goes in, its building time: jumps, berms, drops, wall rides, etc!

Synapse Carbon 5

2010 29'er

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lower Wolf Creek

Below are some photos taken after an amazing hike up Lower Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek drops close to 900 ft. off the plateau region near Fayetteville, through beautiful cascading step-pools, until it reaches its final destination, the Lower New River.

Yep, I crossed that one.