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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cannondale Demos

During my shoulder rehabilitation I've been trying to cut out high impact sports and I have had the opportunity to test out some new demos from our local bike shop, Marathon Bikes. Over the last few weeks I have taken out the Synapse Carbon 5 (Roadbike) and the 2009 29'er. It was great to get back to something you love just as much as climbing or any other passion. I have also been able to put more time into the freeride park, which is slowly but steadily coming along. The last big hump we need to hurdle is installing a perimeter fence, but getting local city workers scheduled in is more difficult when your needs are low on the totem pole. After the fence goes in, its building time: jumps, berms, drops, wall rides, etc!

Synapse Carbon 5

2010 29'er