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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making it happen...

Sometimes making things happen in Fayetteville doesn't come easy. Sometimes you just have to get out there and do it yourself. Upon moving here in late March, I have become actively involved with three organizations: Plateau Action Network (PAN), New River Alliance of Climbers (NRAC), and the Fayetteville Freeride Park. This past weekend I put in close to 30 hours of volunteer work, and was able to contribute to all three groups. Recently (for PAN) I have been working on erosion control at an acid mine drainage site located off of Summerlee Rd. (headwaters of the Wolf Creek Watershed). Organizing labor for these types of projects can be tricky, but a few individuals made it happen. This past week a huge crew completely re-bolted 5 sport routes at the White Wall (Kaymoor) and replaced top anchors on 3 trad routes (I put some shiny new gear on Moon Child Posse). And just today, we unloaded a 52' trailer of wood for the Freeride Park. The wood will go towards constructing a perimeter fence around the park. All said and done, it feels good to volunteer and help beautify Fayetteville!

Big Rig bringing in the wood delivery

Staging fence post

Brian on top of his hay mound at Summerlee

Concerned citizens volunteering
Yep, I stuffed my element with hay.

Preliminary erosion control work.

This is a deep cut, and will require a dozer and fill dirt to fix.


adamwstroup@gmail.com said...

looks good dude! good work, good weather, good day to you. Hoping to spend some time in your area enjoying your beautification efforts this holiday season, and then again in March.

Levitator said...

Thanks buddy. You are always welcome at the Mount Crushmore Ranch or should I call it the Rose Ranch? Which ever sounds more manly, hehe. Cheers mate.

Dustyn Whyte said...

Hey, we met once at The New a while back, I'm a friend of Tims. I'm trying to find info on the new freeride park but news is few and far between. What's the status these days?

Levitator said...

Thanks for the inquiry Dustyn. The park is slowly but surely coming along. We have only been able to meet once a week for a few hours at a time. Currently we have a few stunts, berms, and small jumps built. The next step is to get the perimeter fence installed so we can start building the big stuff. If you are ever interested in helping out or want to know what is going on, contact Marathon Bikes and ask for Adam.


Dustyn Whyte said...

Sweet, thanks for the update. I'd love to make an extended visit this spring/summer once a have a solid freeride bike to build and ride.