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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Center for Watershed Protection

It continues to snow here in Fayetteville, WV and in the east a low pressure system has stalled out, allowing for cool, Canadian air to flow in.  Much of the east is under a frost advisory/warning until the end of the week.  With all of this weather I have not had the opportunity to capture any new photos, but I have been finding interesting sources of information.  A new website I have found useful in my line of work, is The Center for Watershed Protection.  I have found the Resource section to be extremely useful, not just for protecting water quality, but also for building development.  Under Resource check out the "Better Site Design" section and the wealth of information contained within. Here you will find alternatives to conventional development. Like Low-Impact Development, Environmentally-sensitive design, and Green Infrastructure, the Better Site Design techniques seek to minimize the negative impacts of new development on water resources. You can also find resources related to BSD techniques, development code recommendations, and local incentives to adopt BSD. Recent materials related to the design of redevelopment and infill sites are also available.