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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mountain Athlete

It has been a pretty tough winter in Fayetteville so far. The weather has been miserable, snowy, then rainy, then cloudy. I have definitely been experiencing a lack of sun and Seasonal Affective Disorder can change your behavior. To break this cycle, I'm ready to start a spring training program and I'm pretty excited about cross fit/climb fit style workouts. I'm pretty fortunate that my girlfriend works at the closest gym in the region and they just built a brand new cross fit facility. After doing a little bit of research, I've gotten turned on to "Mountain Athlete." Rob Shaul, owner and innovator, started this program in the late spring of 2007 in Jackson, Wyoming. He opened the program up to all of the climbing athletes he knew but got little response. They were a few exceptions, like Rob Hess, owner of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, and a handful of guides from Exum showed up.

Fast Forward. Mountain Athlete is now leading the charge on building strength and conditioning programs that are the cutting edge of their sports. Their training is designed to increase the mountain athlete's horsepower, stamina, durability and mental toughness.

Superior strength and conditioning achieved in the gym allows athletes to be more efficient with their technical training on the mountain. Time formerly spent on conditioning can now be used to further develop and improve technical proficiency. Not only are athletes stronger and more powerful, they are smarter too. To learn more visit the Mountain Athlete website, or you can read an article about the history of Mountain Athlete in Alpinist Magazine.