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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ben's Bachelor Party

On the weekend of May 22nd, 13 close friends piled into a 84' x 16' houseboat to gather for Ben Denlinger's Bachelor Party. Lake Cumberland is over 101 miles long, contains 1,255 miles of shoreline, covers 65,530 acres and is the 9th largest reservoir in the U.S. The deep coves make it great for exploring, house-boating and also offer solitude for an otherwise busy lake. The dancing girls never made it to the boat, but the drinking feats that occurred could have only been accomplished by a crew of this stature.

The main quarters

The upper deck complete with hot tub

Ben and Travis warming it up

Ryan Nixon, trip coordinator, he made it all happen!

Ben exploring the coves for some big fish

Mark brought his boat down to bootleg supplies and recon honey holes

The stare down, watcha got?

Let the games begin... one frisbee and a lot of alcohol

The bachelor getting what he deserves

Brad stepped up his acrobatic skills on this trip

good form

Luckily no one got hurt, well except that one guy who went streaking and jumped off the back...


Anonymous said...

Well that really tickled my fancy this morning! I'll be seeing you in a couple days buddy.

Unknown said...

I remember one more shot... it was like 7 young and ample young men in swan-dive form from the top balcany... oh that's right... that was the super gay shot. I mean, since there's no evidence... I guess it never happened, right?

Levi Rose said...

The swan dive shot is on Travis' camera, so the evidence is out there..See you guys on Friday!