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Friday, May 7, 2010


After a long and rugged winter, the arrival of spring has brought many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Recently I have taken up a new hobby, gardening.  I have been helping my girlfriend (Erin) develop 4 acres of property that she owns just outside of Fayetteville in the country. Rather than call it a hobby, it has turned into an addiction.  There is something special about working the land and reaping what you sow. Below are some pictures of a garden plot we have been working.  Last weekend, while visiting Erin's grandparents, we stopped at "Edible Landscaping" and picked up 2 Paw Paw trees, 2 Persimmon trees, 1 Cherry Tree, 1 Reka Blueberry bush, and 3 strawberry plants.  Edible Lanscaping is located near Afton, VA and their nursery is amazing.

Starting to build 4'x4' boxes for "square foot gardening"

Leafy green plot - chard and lettuce are already getting ready to pick!

2 freshly planted Paw Paw trees