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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Captain Thurmond's Challenge ~ Team Rehab

Team Rehab ~ Levi Rose (Bike) ~ Keith Doherty (Kayak) ~ Joe DeGaetano (Run)

Team Rehab took top honors in the Men's Expert Team category and also finished fastest time overall at 2:52:18 ( Bike (59:53) ~ Kayak (59:46) ~ Run (53:09)). Over 80 individuals competed in the race this year.

I suffered a flat tire just before entering the road leading down to the Cunard put in.  I managed to ride the road all the way down with a flat tire, which eventually had me riding on my rim!  When Keith entered the water we were in 10th place, but Keith slayed 7 racers in his 15 ft. speeder! Reaching Fayette Station our team was 3rd overall and 1st in the team category.  Joe quickly caught the two runners in front of him and crushed the 8.5 mile run out of the gorge!

Captain Thurmond's Race Description: "The Captain Thurmond's Challenge Triathalon consists of 28.5 miles of the most extreme whitewater, mountain biking and running in the state and the East Coast. The triathlon can be done as a relay team, solo, or raft team.

Bike ~ The 12 mile bike leg begins with a Lemans start at the Historic Fayette County Courthouse, and leads to Cunard on singletrack trails along the ridge lines of the New River George.

Paddle ~ The 8 mile watercraft leg proceeds from Cunard to Fayette Station through Class III and IV rapids. Raft teams as well as individual paddlers are welcome.

Run ~ The steep 8.5 mile run tests the athletes' endurance going up and out of the gorge. The running leg begins at Fayette Station and finishes at the Fayette County Courthouse."

Below are a few pics from the race.

First one out of the gate!

Like a gazelle....

Broken but not beaten...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out and About....

Fresh bounty from our "Community Supported Agriculture"~ CSA

Playing around with the panoramic function on my camera 

Hummingbirds @ Erin's grandparent's house in Piney River, VA

Lower New River

Sunset off of Wolf Creek Rd.