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Sunday, September 12, 2010

North Shore Biking Trip

On August 25th I embarked on a cross country journey that landed me in Bellingham, WA. The trip was a chance to reunite with good friends from college (Seth & Diana), sample northwest biking, and get away from the West Virginia scene for a while. I hadn't kicked it with my good old buddy Seth in five years. He had been documenting his biking trips with amazing photos and video, and telling me how good the riding was. The seed for the trip was planted when Seth said he could get me a bike to demo, a 2010 Transition Blindside to be exact. With the bike crux diffused, all I needed to do was purchase a plane ticket. Fast Forward selector. From the moment Seth met me at the airport I knew there wouldn't be much relaxing going on. Seth is pretty much amped all the time and his passion is biking! We spent 7/10 days riding and sampling the best of Bellingham before heading North to British Columbia.  To the North Shore of North Vancouver we headed, for the infamous wood work of Seymour. Then onto Whistler, B.C, home to the largest bike park on the planet. We purchased the triple-play pass and were not disappointed with our decision to spend 3 days riding the lifts at Whistler! Each area had its own blend of technical stunts, wood features, jumps, berms, rock rolls, rock gardens, steep downhill, beautiful landscapes and vibrant community.  Below are some pictures from the trip with video footage to come soon.

Transition Headquarters / Factory

2010 Transition Blindside

Camp site with a view

Whistler Bike Park

Seth Burke

Lets do another lap!