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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Alpine Club building campground at the New River Gorge

AAC Secures 40 Acres for New River Gorge Climbers’ Campground

The American Alpine Club (AAC) has purchased 40 acres of land in Fayetteville, West Virginia within walking distance of rock climbing at the New River Gorge. The AAC’s plan is to build a campground for climbers at this location.
This purchase was made possible by the generosity of AAC donors along with other financing. Notably, just over one-third of the funding was a loan from the Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign. The property was chosen by local climbers and the New River Alliance of Climbers.
Providing lodging facilities is central to the AAC’s vision of supporting the climbing way of life by improving benefits for members and other climbers, said AAC Executive Director Phil Powers: “We are building on the tradition that started with the Grand Teton Climbers’ Ranch. Lodging options within walking distance from great climbing supports the climbing lifestyle we all enjoy. We hope to create a facility that meets climbers’ needs and adds opportunities for climbers to gather and share their stories.”
The campground will be located a short walk from the Junkyard and Bridge areas on the east side of the river. In addition to the parcel’s central cragging location, limited bouldering exists on-site. Completion of the campground is expected to take at least two years.
The proposed campground is expected to house 50-60 campsites, bathrooms and showers, a cooking pavilion, library or meeting space, and manager’s quarters. As with other AAC campgrounds, the property will be developed specifically with climbers in mind and will allow for extended stays at inexpensive rates.