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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rincon Recap

Crashing waves, light breezes and mild temps....This is the setting of Rincon, Puerto Rico in February. A Christmas gift, in the form of a plane ticket, materialized in mid-February and was perfect timing. Erin's good friend, Hannah Byrne, has family ties to a house located in Rincon. Rincon is known by many surfers for its beautiful swells and year round surfing. Over the course of our 12 day stint, I had the opportunity to surf, snorkel, climb, drop in on a yoga retreat and explore the western side of the island. I'm back in the lower 48 and already I'm thinking about ways of how to return the same time next year, only for a longer duration!

 View from the top of Hannah's house


 Sunset view from Hannah's house

 Erin demonstrating more ways to have fun on a stand up paddle board

Tristan, Hannah & Erin walking the Spanish Wall
Climbing at Caliche near Ciales

Name this flower?

 Erin at the Acro Yoga Workshop

Workshop instructors Kadri Kurgun and Adi Carter

Erin 'Crow pose' - Steps Beach 

 Sunset Surfer