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Monday, August 29, 2011

Yurtn' for Certain

Last week Erin and I committed on a down payment to get our yurt order started, and a small loan from the bank today sealed the deal on purchasing a 24 ft. yurt. Perhaps the hardest part of the whole process is behind us now, choosing and agreeing on a color scheme. We finally chose a tan roof, royal blue walls, and emerald green skirt. If you are interested in seeing what yurt could look like, play around with Blue Ridge Yurt's color selector. Blue Ridge Yurts is based out of Floyd, VA, and earlier this month we traveled to Floyd to check out yurts and even helped raise one. Sharon and Kathy (co-owners) gave us the full tour, and we even got to visit Sharon's 200 acre farm.  

Below are photos of a 24' yurt we helped raise in Floyd.

Framing for the windows and doors are installed

The lattice is installed next

A steel cable weaved between the lattice and window/door frames provides support for the roof rafters

Roof liner installed

roof insulation installed

finished roof

side-wall insulation installed

wall paneling installed and a yurt has been "raised"

locally harvested yellow pine and poplar used on all Blue Ridge Yurts

A beautiful 24' yurt we visited