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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Raise the Roof

Friends and Family,

The idea of building a yurt has finally come to fruition.

Lately, I've been busier than a three legged cat trying to cover shit on a marble floor. But after a hard push over the last two weeks, the deck pad is finally finished.

I've had some amazing help and guidance along the way. This certainly wouldn't have come together without help from my good friend Gene Kistler "Jack of all trades, Master of many," and Bill Fedukovich, who sped up the construction work with his dozer and mini-excavator. I look forward to employing the skillful trades of my local friends to make this a great living space.

So, without further ado...This Sunday, weather permitting (stars alligning) we will be having a Yurt raising! You are invited to come and hang out Sunday afternoon as we raise our yurt. Erin's Birthday is also on Monday (she's turning the big 30), so it will be a day for double celebration.

Directions: Route 16 to Wolf Creek Rd., drive 0.9 miles on Wolf Creek Rd then turn right on Chittum Hollow (steep driveway).

I'm happy to say, lets raise the roof.