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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On the mend...

While waiting for the bike patrol to take me up the mountain (after breaking my collar bone), my friend said to me, "a broken bone will open up all kinds of emotions." I didn't know quite what he meant at the time, I was too focused trying to calm the waves of pain flowing through my left shoulder. I know understand what he was saying.

Anytime your health or well being are comprised, aka broken bone, your immediate response is to figure out how to make things better - how to become healthy again. After all of the fear and stress of the unknown, I have come out a stronger person - a motivated person.

It's now 3 weeks post surgery. A titanium plate and six screws have provided the alignment I need so that my collarbone can mend properly. Last week I got my staples taken out and reassurance from my orthopedic surgeon that my bones were knitting back together. It was the first sign that things would soon be getting back to normal.

I'm lucky. On a scale of all the things that could happen to a person, a broken collarbone is pretty minor. It has, however, provided an opportunity to put things in perspective. It's time to build.