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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I haven't had a chance to visit some of the more notable bouldering destinations in Colorado, but Durango has made an impression on me.  There is not a lot of published material on Durango, so that is why it may go unnoticed by most.  Just recently, a guide book for the route climbing around Durango was published, "Durango Sandstone", but a bouldering guide book is still in the works.  I was lucky enough to meet Ian, an employee at Pine Needle Mountaineering, who is working on putting together an extensive bouldering guide for the most popular areas.  He was kind enough to draw me an overview map of the "Sailing Hawks" bouldering area and point out boulder problems of interest.  There are highballs, overhangs, long traverses, and just about everything in between, all located in a beautiful setting.  Given the climbing in Durango and other high quality areas near by (Riffle, Black Canyon, Moab), Durango could be a potential place to settle down.

               Like orangutans, some of the Durango locals dub themselves as "Durangutans."

 Skully var. on the left - V7, Skully on the right V6

The massive Euro boulder, with part of the Sacred Traverse (V10) highlighted

Pocket Change - traverse 4 pockets from left to right and end with a big throw to the arete

Petrified Tree

Petrified Prow - V5

Warm-up boulder

A storm looming in the horizon


Unknown said...

Cool work. I live in D-town ,and freelance on mountian biking, climbing and such for a local mag. Ian's book is due out soon, within a few weeks I think.
This will undoubtedly put Durango on the map when people see the boudlering here. It is stunning.
Sailing Hawks is endless, with new problems going up everyday by motivated climbers looking for potential routes.
Great biking there as well, with hard technical trials like features.
See you on the rocks.